I'm constantly replacing worn out tennis balls for my ball-crazy dog, but these [goDog Ultimate Balls] have lasted much longer. You can really tell that these are a lot tougher right out of the box. Plus, the bright colors are so cute. Great buy!          -Rudy P. 12/01/16 


Our Pomeranian loves these [Hear Doggy] toys , we can't hear them squeak but she can, our pom pom goes crazy over this toy, recommend it for small to medium size pets. Sturdy Construction.    -TookTime 11/18/16

This is the most durable ball [RhinoPlay Beast Ball] my dog has ever had. He's got a pretty tough bite and there are already multiple holes/teeth marks in the ball, but it still hasn't gone flat. It's really true - this toy is self-inflating. It helps that the diameter of the large size is also too big for my dog to really get his jaws around it, so he's not able to tear it to pieces like most of his other toys. Extremely happy with this purchase!            -Sheryl G. 10/31/16
We flew our 2 6-month old kitties on the plane with us in these carriers [Sherpa Car Tote]. There are mesh windows which you can cover with the flap if they want privacy. There are plenty of pockets, and 3 zippered openings. Very easy to carry. Although the cats weren't thrilled with their flying adventure, they did not try to scratch and get out unlike some earlier poster's cat, maybe because I had taken them on some test drives prior to the Big Trip. I would definitely recommend this carrier for a cat or a small dog.       -Kathy C. 08/06/16

My 2 large dogs- a Siberian Husky who destroys EVERYTHING and my American Bulldog puppy- both love these [goDog] toys. The husky normally destroys anything stuffed but she is very gentle with this toy and enjoys chewing it without ripping. I wonder if it is something about the fabric or durable squeaker? My bulldog puppy isn't as destructive and enjoys the same activity- having the whole thing in his mouth without ripping or tearing at fabric. I keep a few extras so that should a chewing apocalypse occur, they can have the toys easily replaced. So far the husky's toy has lasted about 8 months- typically she destroys things within a week.  -StaMara 06/09/16


My dog is a little over a year old and he has tons of toys. I've purchased all types of stuffed animals and chew toys to keep him entertained. Typically my dog will chew through a stuffed toy in about a week or he'll ignore it completely. Not this one. This one [goDog Furballz] is his favorite. He plays with this toy more than any other toy I've ever gotten for him. He carries this toy everywhere he goes. He sleeps with this toy. He plays fetch with this toy. He loves this toy. So far, it's held up very well. I have a blue healer mix that does like to chew, but he hasn't chewed through this one yet. He just carries it around with him. We do monitor his chewing with stuffed toys and if he's chewing on a non-chew type toy excessively, we will take it away and give him a chew toy instead. But we haven't had to do that with this one. He just cuddles it and carries it around. It's super cute to see him hiding it under his paw to keep the cats from stealing it. It's a good toy.   -Micki 3/29/16


Just received the carrier today, it is well made and rolls very easily. My dog seemed to like being inside and riding around, short test run. The true test will be the plane trip!                                  -Pamela J. Sullivan 1/16/16 


I bought this carrier [Element Carrier] based on reviews of it and several others. I was not disapointed. My cat immediately took a liking to it and moved right in. Quality very good through out and it stores away neatly in a small space.   -Larry Cowden 11/03/15


The gator was the first Hear Doggy silent squeak toy I got for my puppy, and we loved it so much we bought a few others but this one has held up the best, it's great that she can be excited from the squeak she hears while humans are spared.  -Drew 9/19/15


Just received a couple of new goDog items for our power chewers and they love them. Our older dog has already taken them and hid them from his sister since he likes them so much. Highly recommended!  -Steven L Barriere 8/02/15

"I just recently purchased the Delta black carrier to transport my cat in an international flight. The bag is perfect if you want to keep a low profile during the trip. Only a few people noticed that I was carrying a cat with me! (kids most of the time). Anyway I think this bag is perfect to carry your pet in air flights but training your pet to become used to it is very important as well.

The bag fits perfectly under a plane seat. I would've liked a set of wheels in the base of the bag to drag it around since my cat is really heavy (about 12 lbs) but other than that I have no complaints from this bag. The materials are very resistant and high quality.

Definitely a must buy if you intend to take your pet with you in the plane. Highly recommend!"

                                                                                                    -AGadgetsJunkie 6/31/15

"Hi there!  My family owns Wagging Tail Resort where I run the training program, and the only stuffed toys we sell in our retail store is GODOG toys! They're the best! I also sit on the board of a local rescue group and the only toys I recommend that people donate to the group for their 60+ dogs (deemed unadoptable by most other rescues) are your toys! Many of their dogs are bully breeds with incredibly strong jaws and your toys are the only ones that can stand up for any length of time. We have an entire wall of just GODOG toys at the Resort. Keep up the good work!"
-Rachel C 5/20/15


"I just wanted to let you know that your GoDog dragons are the most amazing dog toys ever! We have bought probably close to 100 toys and none have lasted through 2 Shepherd Labs and 1 Mini Aussie/Papillion!! I wish we would have know about your brand/toys a year ago -- we would have saved so much money. Not to mention all the effort to clean up stuffing that was pulled out of the other 98 dog toys! Thank you for making a toy that our dogs love and that actually IS durable!!"

-Aimee M. 11/24/14


"Both of my dogs love this [Hear Doggy] toy! My dog that is scared of traditional squeaker toys doesn't mind if my other dog plays with this toy. Huge relief! Thanks!"

Kaitlyn M. 11/10/2014

"I just want to say how grateful I am for your GoDog toys with chew guard. I have a toy destroyer one year old Akita at home and have been looking for something that will keep longer than a day. First it was the iguana, which he carried everywhere for a week. Now it's a purple dragon. I just want to say you guys rock and keep up the good work!!" 

-Karen W. 11/3/2014

"Your dog toys are amazing!  My dog absolutely loves them! She carries them everywhere.  I just thought I'd share how much we love them... and a picture."

-Hillary R. 10/14/2014


"Hello, I was debating if I should write this email or not. I know often times individuals are sending concerns, complaints, etc. This time, I would like to take the time out to thank you for your amazing carrier that has made my dog feel at home! I purchased the small black Sherpa carrier in June from the PetSmart located on Reisterstown Road in Maryland. My dog Snuggles has loved al of our travel rides! I was recently in Petsmart this past weekend and when showing the owner the picture of Snuggles she immediately said send it to the companies webpage! Snuggles loved his carrier and couldn't imagine what we would do without this outstanding carrier! Thank you for such wonderful products!"


-Amanda R. 10/07/14


"I bought a purple dinosaur with the chew guard technology for my Great Dane Lab rescue, and she has not put it down since she got it. Not only that but she chews it constantly and the product holds up beyond my expectations. Shes ripped her other toys but this one still stands. I just wanted to thank you for making an excellent product that is really a get what you pay for product.

-Jesse H. 10/07/14   


"Hi I just wanted to say how impressed I am with our purchase of one of your pink penguins, we have just got our newest addition baxter who is a 11 week old cavalier King Charles. working at pets at home he does have a lot of toys but he never really had a favourite until we made this purchase he goes crazy for the noise and even though the penguin is more then half the size of him he still picks it up and carry's it around with him everywhere. and I have also been surprised at how strong they are. Many thanks!"

-Dominic S. 9/24/14

"Hi there I am writing concerning your Go Dog Green gator. Congratulations..you have created a toy that our 7 year old yorkie cannot destroy. Kiwee has put to the test over the years many.. possibly hundreds of toys that didn't stand a chance. She absolutely loved her gator and I couldn't have been happier. The problem is I bought this toy at Winners in our area and can't seem to find more. When we were visiting friends we left green gator at the park when we noticed it was missing it was to late. Kiwee is hoping that you can help her find a green gator or any of your toys in our area we have exhausted all the usual pet store options. Thank you so much once again for providing a safe, fun and durable product for our beloved pet!"

--Darrell M. 8/28/14 


"THANK YOU!!!  For making a soft toy that my Giant Schnauzer won't tear through in under an hour (now it takes a month maybe)!  I have so many hard bones that we cannot toss or play with, it is a JOY and relief to find something strong enough to keep up with him.  We get about one new toy a month - its called "Squishie" (doesn't matter what animal I buy).  

  I love these toys so much I have been bragging about them on Facebook to all my friends.  We dog-people like to share when there are toys our pups will like."
-Kendra M. 8/27/14    


"I just wanted to say that when I first saw your products in Costco I wouldn't buy them because of the price and how fast my dog distroys toys. I finally gave in when I seen your garentee fully expecting to be getting a free toy. I am truely amazed tha she has not been able to destroy it!! Well worth the extra $, I will be buying this brand for sure!"

- Carol  W.  8/26/14

"Thank you so much for the replacements.  The new toys arrived yesterday and both Mr. Big and Vinnie were so excited.  They fit their size and they love them.  I will donate the larger toy.  I'm very impressed with your company's great customer service and will recommend Quaker Pet Group to all my friends.  Thanks again."

- Beverly D . 5/31/14


"Hello, First, I would like to say what a great product you have produced. In February I bought the green dragon, regular size, on Amazon from your company for my dog, Albie. He has gone through Kong plush toys, Hugglehounds, and other toys in a quick amount of time. I was afraid to get him more, since he goes through them so quickly and they're not cheap, but I figured I'd give Go Dog toys a try, since they are less expensive than other brands. Boy, am I glad I did! Three months later and the only thing he's done to the dragon is rip some pieces of the back scales off. Thank you so much for such a durable product! My second reason is to find out if the toy is washable. I removed the tag when we received it, as he would've ripped it off, so I'm not sure if it is machine washable. It's getting a bit smelly so I need to clean it! Any cleaning advice would be appreciated"

-Sarah M. 5/26/14

"Our dog Lilly loves soft plush toys, but we never buy them because she destroys them so quickly. She is a three year old black lab and is a powerful chewer. We came across this dinosaur and others you make at the Three Dog Bakery in Noblesville, IN. Your toys are priced just right and lasted eons longer than any other brand"

-Charles B.  2/8/14

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