Lists SuperCat in Top 12 New Cat Products

Catster reveals its best feline finds at Global Pet Expo 2015

After attending the 2015 Global Pet Expo, I have blisters, blurry eyes, and an aching body from tromping through the equivalent of 13 football fields filled with more than 900 pet product manufacturers exhibiting their latest pet products. Can you believe there were more than 1,000 new pet products? (My feet are now believers!) And, thank you, a nice chunk of them were new cat products. I spent hours scouring through rows of cat products that cat lovers gotta and will wanna have. Break out your credit card and check out this hot new product list.


11. Supercat Catnip Crumples


Supercat Catnip Crumples bring the fun of play and catnip to your cat with one scratch.


We all remember scratch n sniff. Well, now our cats can enjoy that same scratch and scent fun. Supercat created these small squares of paper with bubbles of catnip that burst when cats rub or scratch them. It’s called Nano Burst Technology. These crumples aren’t short lived either, as the bubbles release the scent for about six weeks.  Available at retailers.

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