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A few weeks ago I was contacted by Quaker Pet Group to see if I would be interested in featuring some of their products in holiday gift guide.

I’m a big fan of the Quaker Pet Group since they are the master minds behind our all time favorite dog toy, the goDog Furballz, so I jumped at the chance to try out some of their newer products that are available just in time for the holidays.

Besides their adorable collection of holiday goDog toys, (the dinosaur is my personal favorite) and their very awesome new line of Hear Doggy toys, which you’ll hear more about in a few days, I was super excited to try out their new line of goDog Bedzz.

Sherman and Leroy normally aren’t dog bed kind of dogs.

Leroy has a bed that he has never, ever sat on but since he’s been sick I’ve been trying to get him to lay on it and I haven’t had any luck.

He has no problem laying on my couch or my bed but a dog bed apparently is out of the question. Even when I put the bed in his cage, and you would think he wouldn’t have any other choice but to lay on it, he pushes off to the side and lays on the cold, rough tray of the cage which drives me crazy since he is technically suppose to be laying on soft surfaces to help with his pressure sores.

I’m thinking he doesn’t like the bed because it’s thick…….. and to be honest, it’s not very soft.

So yes, I was excited to see how the goDog BedZzz would fair with him and I was also curious to see if their XXL bed was really…… an XXL bed.

You giant breed dog owners know what I mean.

Some dog products say that it’s a XXL but then you get it and you’re like….’um… yeah….my dog’s head can barely fit on that.


When the bed arrived that is exactly what I was thinking because the box was totally the size of Leroy’s head.


To my surprise when I opened the box out popped a very nice sized bed and even more to my surprise, when I removed the packaging, the bed was so super soft.

I’m serious.

It was so soft I rubbed it across my face.


I immediately set the bed up and introduced Leroy to it.


He sat on it.

Then Sherman sat on it.


Then Gracie grabbed her blanket off her bed and took a nap on it.

Whenever we have a product that is approved by both dogs and a kid, it’s a big win.

So much so that because this one was meant to go in Leroy’s cage, I’m probably going to invest in another one to have for him upstairs and maybe one for Sherman.

Gracie can buy her own dog bed.

Here’s some more info about the goDog BedZzz for those of you who are curious:

  • goDog BedZzz are made with goDog’s famous Chew Guard Technology which means they are made to withstand tough love. Perfect for my special Leroy who tends to want to eat things that are not meant to be eaten.
  • They aren’t big and bulky like some dog beds because they don’t have stuffing, but they are super soft which is perfect for dogs that need to lay on soft surfaces, like Leroy.
  • Their XXL bed is really an XXL bed. Leroy has a 54″x35″x45″ crate. The XXL bed is 49″x30″ and fits nicely in Leroy’s crate even though its a little smaller than the actual crate. Leroy totally doesn’t push this bed off to the side.
  • It comes with a 30 day guarantee. So if Leroy would of tried to eat it and it ripped, it would of been replaced within 30 days of receiving the bed, one time. Luckily Leroy did NOT try to eat it.
  • It’s washable! Yep. all you have to do is toss it in the washer. There’s no removing a cover and no replacing the innards if it gets soiled. Easy peasy.


For us, I think we found the perfect dog bed.

Leroy Tested. Leroy Approved.

Which is not an easy feat.

So what about you? What do you look for in a dog bed?

 Read the entire review here.


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