Dog Bite Prevention

09/05/18 at 03:42 PM | Published Under Dog Behavior by Sandy Robins

Dog bites are scary for pet owners. It’s worth drawing attention to this canine issue because more than 20 000 people get bitten every year. These numbers include children, adults as well as postal and package delivery workers who are in the front line opening garden gates and being greeted at the front door by the resident canine.

If you think about it, people don’t normally rush up to strangers and hug and kiss them which in a way is the equivalent of going up and playing with a strange dog. Dogs have a very different take on human body language and physical actions and hugging or grabbing a dog that you don’t know well can be perceived as downright aggressive gesture.

Further, its considered disrespectful in certain Asian cultures to pat someone on the head. Interestingly, dogs don’t like to be petted on the head either. For them, this is considered a threatening gesture. And while your own pooch may tolerate a head pat, he would probably prefer a scratch behind the ears. 

Another typical human greeting is a handshake. Dogs prefer it if you stand to stand still with your arms by your sides. And, because they have fabulous olfactory senses and use them to scent each other as a way of introducing themselves to other dogs, the correct way for a human to introduce himself or herself to a dog is with a smelling “ritual” too. Let the dog sniff you while you stay still.

For some reason when we meet a dog we tend to speak to them in baby language and often in a high-pitched voice. This in fact is another canine no-no.Dogs don’t interpret this to be cute and loving. Instead, from their perspective, a high-pitched voice is a sign of weakness associated with prey and thus their response could be antagonistic.

Dogs also consider it good manners for humans to get down to their level rather than towering over them. Standing over a fearful or submissive dog growl which means back off please! 

And it goes without saying that children should be taught by example!

It never a good idea to leave a dog alone outside in the garden with access to a front gate. They get lonely and bored and hence may get up to mischief and even try to escape. And, by keeping them indoors and giving them a variety of toys to keep them occupied you are also giving delivery people the opportunity of doing their jobs without the fear of being bitten.



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