Your Smartphone Can Be Your Best Friend Should Disaster Strike

09/10/18 at 07:55 AM | Published Under Pet Care by Sandy Robins

September is the start of hurricane season. It follows on the heels of fire season in other parts of the country. When natural disasters of any kind strike, your smart phone can be an essential tool in helping you keep track of important information and photographs of your pets in case you are separated.

Here are some helpful tips which in fact can be useful at all times even if you are not in a disaster zone.

We love taking photographs of our pets to share on social media. From an emergency standpoint, it’s a good idea to take a series of photographs of your pets and create a special album for each pet.

Take photographs from all angles and do additional close-ups of any special markings. Also, be sure to take photographs of yourself and every family member with each pet. This is particularly useful should you ever need to prove ownership. It will also prove useful should you ever need to create a flyer if a pet is lost in the ensuing chaos.

Photograph all dog license discs and other tags such as microchip tags that have identity numbers on them.

Also photograph all vaccination certificates as well as prescriptions of any medications your pet may need on a regular basis.

Create a special note in your phone that lists important names and addresses such as your pet’s veterinarian and local shelters in the immediate vicinity of your home.

Be sure to list all cellphone numbers of family members and neighbors in the contact section of your phone too. Often, in an emergency situation, it’s difficult to think straight.

Your pet can never have too much identification. Consider signing up with a pet recovery system such as Pawscout. It’s a one-off purchase that works in conjunction with a smartphone app and has no monthly subscription fees! Pawscout also allows you to keep a complete digital record of your pet and allows you to set up a virtual fence to keep them safe in their home environment. Should you pet leave this area it sends out alerts to other subscribers in your community, so that together you can work of keep the pets in your neighborhood safe and out of harm’s way. It also lists pet-friendly places such as hotels in your area. This is useful should local shelters be full and unable to help is you have to evacuate. 

So, it’s a great idea to get all your neighbors with pets on board too! There is nothing like a good buddy system.

Cell phones can lose reception so be sure you have a photograph of a map of your immediate area in your photo album too.

Apart from your phone, it’s also a good idea to have “Pets Inside” stickers on the exterior of your home. You can buy read-made ones and just fill in the details or create your own using photographs of your pets. You can add a note of favorite hiding places, should first responders have to rescue them.

Fortunately, with technology we often get an advance warning of a pending natural disaster (except for earthquakes). At the first announcement of a pending issue get your pets carriers and crates out and ready to go. Be sure they are properly labeled too. Sherpa makes great crate mats in all sizes to make the area comfortable and a variety of carriers ideal for smaller pets for easy transportation and to provide a temporary home away from home. 

It’s important to know what type of disaster occur in different parts of the country where members of your family may live.For example, hurricanes and cyclones are more likely to occur if you live near the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic coast, and tornadoes mainly hit areas like Kansas or Iowa in the Midwest. The west coast typically experiences wildfires and flash flooding can take place in certain areas across the U.S.  such as the Southwest. Consequently, it’s important to understand the elevation level of your property and whether it is prone to floods. 

This will help you understand how your property will be affected and can help you prepare a plan in advance for your pets, and, in fact, for all family members.


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