New Years Resolutions

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January: It’s that time of the year again to commit to some new year resolutions. Most of us fail miserably, often within weeks. There’s a lot to be said for a buddy system to spur you on and keep you on track. Your dog is your best buddy, right?  So why not try making a list of pledges that will benefit both of you and, hopefully, your pooch will inspire you to stick with your commitments.

Exercise More!

This is probably one of the most popular annual resolutions. But to keep you on the path to success, it’s definitely more fun to do with a dog because they are always excited to go places and drag you out the front door. To keep track of your steps, consider investing in fitness trackers for both of you. Find out from your veterinarian how much exercise your dog should be getting for his age, weight and size and monitor it. The American Heart Association recommends 10 000 stays a day for adults. Start off slow and work up to your goals together. 

Taking off the Pounds

This another perennial goal that somehow goes out the window immediately. Become a dieting duo with your dog. However, again, never undertake a change in his eating pattern without a conversation with your veterinarian.

“One of the largest concerns when changing a dog’s diet is the possibility of a digestive upset,” warns Leasa Greer manager of nutrition at Solid Gold Pet.

 “Switching to any new dog food should be a gradual transition over seven to 10 days.  I recommend replacing 25% of the current food with the new food for two to three days. Over the next five to seven days, gradually increase the amount of new food and decrease the amount of old food. Supplements with digest enzymes can also help with the transition,” she suggests.

You should also cut down on the treats. Often, they are packed with calories. Canine nutritionists say that treats count for part of your dog’s daily intake and should never exceed more than 10 per cent of his daily allowance. There are plenty of low-calorie treats. And you can both enjoy celery sticks together!

Time for a Clean Out

Start the new year by ruthlessly going through your closet and removing items you are no longer wearing (or don’t fit). Similarly, check your canine’s wardrobe. Also, dogs always have their favorite toys. Have a toy box overhaul, removing anything that is broken and damaged and of course making room for all those new toys your pooch received as gifts over the holidays.

Keep things Ticking

There is so much technology in our lives. Make it a resolution to check that it continues all working smoothly to keep you connected to your pooch 24/7. That includes checking cables to ensure they are not worn (or chewed) and need replacing. Also check batteries on electronic toys and automatic feeders. It’s a good idea to replace regularly even if the items don’t show any signs of slowing down or red warning lights begin to flash.

A Plan of Action

If you have been talking about fostering a pet or volunteering at an animal shelter. Don’t procrastinate. Pick up your phone and make that call now …




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