Keeping Pets Away From Holiday Decorations

02/02/18 at 10:35 AM | Published Under Dog Behavior by Sandy Robins

We have all seen those hilarious videos with cats causing havoc in holiday trees, swinging precariously from spaghetti-thin branches to bat the decorations, climbing through the foliage to the very top only to bring the tree and all its finery crashing to the ground.

It’s funny when viewed on your computer screen or on your phone. Not quite so amusing when it’s happening in your living room.

Admittedly, cats are curious and always keen to investigate what has been deemed out of bounds. And some dogs consider it thoughtful that you brought a tree inside on a cold and frosty night for them to use a pee post. But often the blame goes to us – those thoughtful and doting pet parents because we’ve used catnip-filled toys and specially baked dog cookies as decorations on the tree! Cats, attracted by their favorite catnip will quickly locate crinkly sparkly fish, feathered tweeting birds and decorative mermice amongst the foliage.

The same must be said for those cute stockings hanging on the mantelpiece. For safety and security, it’s best to stuff them at the very last minute – just before they are to be handed out.

And the chances are your dog will help himself to Santa’s cookies and milk unless you pick them up as soon as the kids have seen them by the chimney and go to bed thinking Santa will enjoy them. (Nod. Nod. Wink. Wink.)

Similarly, wrapping dog and cat gifts that offer hints with regard to the content from their smell should also be put out at the last minute. This way you can save the surprise for when everyone is gathered around. But it’s also a way of preventing accidents, as some pets love to chew on plastic, paper and string which can be life threatening.

Sprinkling household pepper on the branches of your tree and on the skirting area is a pet deterrent. So are pet sprays designed to keep pets of certain items of furniture in the home. There are special citronella infused plastic tubes to encase the wiring for lights and other holiday decorations.

No one knows their pets better than their doting pet parents. So if you fur kids love to chew on plants consider silk versions of popular holiday flowers such as poinsettias and calla lilies, both are highly poisonous. And so is mistletoe.

But who needs mistletoe anyway to show pets love and affection anyway.

Happy howlidays!






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