Putting the Fun into Fall Leaves

11/08/18 at 07:43 AM | Published Under Dog Behavior by Sandy Robins

By Sandy Robins 

This time of year, many parts of the country are awash in an artist’s palette of brilliant autumn colors. From a canine perspective, falling leaves swirling to the ground are fun to chase and there’s no better time to enjoy going for a walk or a hike. Before you rush out, here’s a quick checklist to ensure you both and your pooch pal remain safe. 

If you are planning a hike in the backcountry, be sure to brush up the trail regulations.Many national forests, as well as state and local parks, do allow dogs on their trail systems, but the rules do vary. However, leashes are mandatory almost everywhere.

Your pooch must be able to understand basic commands so that you can maintain control at all times. And it’s also important to know who has the right of way: Step off the trail to yield the right of way to hikers, horses and bikes. 

Make sure your dog’ flea and tick medication is current. It’s also a really good idea to carry a Tickkey or a similar gadget to be able to remove ticks and eradicate them immediately. 

Check that the ID on his collar is current too.

Pack any medications in a cool bag. It’s always a good idea to include an antiseptic spray for any cuts and scrapes. Make sure you have an old towel in the car to wipe down muddy feet.

A reversible coat with a fleece on one side and a bright colorful waterproof fabric on the other is ideal for fall weather. Depending on your dog, a warm wooly sweater would be a good idea too.A collar and leash that glow in the dark is an excellent idea for dark rural country roads. 

Hydration is very important and it’s a really good idea to bring your own water; you never know what parasites could be lurking in a stream.

Booties offer protection from sharp rocks, thorns and snow. This is something your pooch must be used to wearing at home before venturing out. And bring extra in case one gets lost!

Always watch for thorns and burrs and also avoid areas with grasses that have foxtails. These barbed seedpods can snag on fur and end up between toes, and in more sensitive areas like nasal passages, ears, eyes and genitals. Be sure there are tweezers in your first aid kit to remove them immediately.

A designated dog towel is an essential to wipe off muddy pours or to dry wet fur. 

Don’t let you pooch chew on any plants. Apart from damaging the trail, many could be poisonous. And be cognizant where he pees too. You may be in the great outdoors, but poop bags still apply. So, pack plenty!

There may be beautiful foliage to explore close to home but if you want to go further afield the FoliageNetwork.com,  is a great resource. Volunteer leaf-peepers post updates through the leaf-peeping season about areas around the country.






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