Putting A Different Howl on Howl’oween

10/11/18 at 04:01 PM | Published Under Dog Play by Sandy Robins

Howl’oween, in dog “language”, translates as treats. And lot of them! However, not every dog enjoys going around the neighborhood trick or treating and having to encounter incumbent pets when their favorite people ring doorbells and stock up on candy. Fortunately, there are lots of other fun ways dogs can celebrate and have great time.

Howl’oween parades are growing in popularity around the country. The focus is always to raise funds for shelter pets in a specific community. At the same time, it’s a great family outing that includes your four-legged tail-waggers.

The most famous Howl’oween parade is in Belmont Shore, Long Beach, California. It’s the brainchild of community activist and canine events planner, Justin Rudd. Now in its 18thyear, the parade draws a large crowd of canines vying for best costume titles and brings out a large crowd to support them with both cheers and donations. http://www.hautedogs.org/howloween.html.

Apart from the parade, there is also a very festive atmosphere with vendors selling lots of fun dog stuff as well as lots of fun games for dogs to participate in.

Local pet stores usually advertise local parades and, of course, offer a selection of costumes and treats to complete the occasion.

If you have a large back yard, consider staging your own event and letting your dog invite his favorite friends for an afternoon of entertainment. The best part is that this is something the kids can plan and invite some of their friends along too.

Bobbing of apples in water is always a canine favorite. Using a large plastic tub, it’s not essential to fill it to the top with water – a few inches will do the trick and allow dogs to grab a tasty treat.

Setting up an agility course will bring out a competitive spirit amongst the canine competitors. Agility kits can be purchased and are easy to set up. Alternatively, you can make your own. It’s all about jumping through hoops, running through tunnels and weaving through poles. Timing the dogs will determine the winner and who gets the biggest treat. 

It’s also a good idea to dig into the toy box and use goDog Retrieval toys such as the goDog Sonic stick and the Ultimate Disk for play time games. Allow dogs to take turns are their owners throw these throw toys a measured distance and see who is quickest off the mark to pick them up and bring them back.

Dogs will also have fun playing retrieval games with goDog Ultimate Balls™. They are made with an unique foam fill that makes the balls long lasting and prevents them from splitting at the seams. They come in bright yellow and blue, colors that dogs can see very clearly.

Because its Howl’oween, dogs can be rewarded for their efforts with great treats. However, please make sure they don’t help themselves to sugary candy and chocolate, which is highly poisonous to pets. To make this year’s Howl’oween a particularly memorable one, consider giving each doggie guest a great toy to take home to continue the fun. goDog ScrewBallz™  have a quirky erratic bounce and make great take-home gifts that will keeps dogs engaged and having fun long after Howl’oween is over.





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