Your Dog’s Week in Toys

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Your Dog’s Week in Toys

Dogs, just like children, love the novelty of a new toy. Once way to amp up the fun is to select a different toy from the toy box to give him every day of the week. Here are some fun suggestions.


A goDog Bugs Dragonfly is the ideal start to the week. For the canine who had a hectic run around with friends and family over the weekend, the dragonfly and the bug offer just the right amount of squeak and are great for carrying around, shaking like prey and then settling down with for a nice long snooze. They have Chewguard technology so they can handle any canine play style.


There is nothing like a rope toy to tug with a favorite human or canine companion and the goDog Sugar Skullz rope toy is just right for the task and to get that shake on. It’s available in two sizes so that pooches both a big and a small can get in on the game.


The chances are your dog is angling for a trip to the dog park or to play in a large open space. So it’s time to bring out the goDog Retrieval goFetch gizmo and start tossing some screwballz around. These fun shaped bouncy balls will keep your pooch guessing in which direction it will head off next.


The weekend is approaching, but its still a day away. Time to bring out the fowls. The Fat Rooster and his Skinny Rooster cousin are ideal for all kinds of fun and games. They are tough fowls – they also have Chewguard Technology and there are new sizes for little dogs with lots of spunk and energy.


Time to start working those muscles and getting rid of pent up energy that’s been building up all week. The goDog Retrieval Sonic stick and Ultimate stick are perfect for chasing, and allowing your dog to practice his catching and retrieval skills. They will have your dog asking, “Game anyone? Let’s go!”


It’s the weekend! And time to double dip into the toy box for two favorites. First, he new Triflyer retrieval toy will become your dog’s weekend favorite. It’s  a three-pronged flyer with a Toughcore ball in the middle.  Because of its shape it’s easy to toss and equally easy for a dog of any size to pick up. And the added bonus – it floats and is perfect for playing safely in the swimming pool or along the water’s edge at the beach. And, when Saturday night rolls around and you are having friends over for dinner or a BBQ, reach back into the toy box for a Hear Doggy! toy such as the ultrasonic Giraffe, Elephant, Cow  or green Gator. The Hear Doggy! squeakers are tuned to a frequency that is out of human hearing range but still fun for your dog. So no annoying sounds while you are having fun with your friends.


Sunday is definitely a tough RhinoPlay fun day. So bring out the Beast! The patented durable yet non-toxic soft foam material called PopFoamNT™ used in all of the goDog RhinoPlay toys such as the Beast are easy on aging teeth and gums, but still great for the toughest chewers as well. And they are available in two sizes so everyone can play.

And, when Monday rolls around again, well you know what to do…



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