Exercise Alternatives for Cold Weather

01/19/17 at 03:07 AM | Published Under Dog Behavior by Sandy Robins

Baby, its cold outside! However, irrespective if there’s a blizzard or rain coming down in buckets, the chances are your dog will still bring his leash and expect to go for a walk.

He’s absolutely right because irrespective of the weather, exercise is important for a dog’s physical and mental wellbeing. And, let’s face it, its good for the person on the other end of the leash too!

If it’s really cold, and, assuming its safe to drive, a pet friendly indoor mall is an excellent venue to take your pooch for a walk. And, without even realizing it, it’s very easy for a pedometer to register 10 000 steps as you stroll the different floors of a typical mall simultaneously window-shopping.

And of course, if the mall happens to have a pet store, you can browse inside too and spoil your pooch with a new toy.

The new goDog™ retrieval line of interactive toys is designed for safe indoor play and great for burning off extra pent up energy.

There are a variety of very different toys in this new collection including the Sonic Stick™ that emits intriguing sounds and lights up during play. The size is suitable for dogs of all sizes and the material makes its safe for teeth and gums, which is particularly important for older dogs.

The ScrewBallz™ are balls with a weird bouncing pattern thanks so their special foam-filled design. They have special reinforced seams to prevent them splitting open. And for dogs that like playing with disc-shaped toys, the Ultimate Disc is made with Chew Guard Technology™ strategically placed to ensure it remains a long-lasting favorite.

Of course, it goes without saying to look for a safe indoor place to play games such as a passage way or a stair case devoid of valuable objects and furniture.

Puzzle toys that can be filled with kibble or treats are also an excellent way of keeping dogs engaged especially when they are home alone and looking for things to do. In fact, behaviorists say that 10 minutes of mental stimulation provided by such toys is the equivalent of 45 minutes of physical play.

Finally, if your dog is missing regular visits to the dog park to socialize with doggie friends, consider a doggie day camp, where he can romp around with his canine peers and happily come home and sleep it off.

Of course, all these ideas work in summer too when opposite weather extremes kick in and it’s too hot and humid to play outside.


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