Enhancing Your Cat's Space in Your Home

06/06/16 at 09:42 AM | Published Under Cat Behavior by Sandy Robins

There is, sadly, a common misconception that all cats living in the same household will automatically get along with one another. In reality, this is not always the case. And, if you think about it, the same applies to people whether it’s in a home or office environment.


However, where people are lucky, they can always leave a toxic environment, even on a temporary basis. Cats in a multi-cat household don’t have that option. And, as a result, inter-cat tension is a common cause of both stress and anxiety, which, if not checked, can lead to behavioral issues.


That’s why is its important to give cats vertical space. This way, they have a place to escape to and, possibly, even get some alone time and privacy. And, this also means they have a location of their own away from exuberant kids in the household and even the family dog too.


There are lots of ways to introduce vertical space into a room. Many of today’s fabulous cat trees have a pretty small footprint (so they can work in small rooms), but offer cats several levels to climb up on for some alone time. If you are shopping for such a tree, the perfect cat zone will offer cats a place to scratch as well as a place to relax.


There are also wonderful shelves that can be placed at regular intervals along a wall. Not to mention, walkways that can be erected at ceiling level and run through the walls from room to room, and cat hammocks that can be placed in a window. In fact, any shelf or cat tree, if well positioned, can give housebound felines a nice lookout onto a street or garden, which will instantly enrich their daily routine and hence their general well being.


Its important to make their vertical feline hangouts as comfortable as possible which will encourage cats to seek them out when they want to get as far away as possible from the madding crowd.


The Sherpa slumber crate mats in the smaller sizes are ideal for placing on wall shelves or even on cat tree platforms to add some padding.  Made of synthetic fleece with a polyester filling and a cotton and latex underlining, they have a thick 2-inch bolster for comfortable napping and are machine washable.


You can further turn these cat-only areas into fun zones by placing small cat toys on the shelves or in the hidey-hole areas. The SuperCat™ plush Birds, Platties and Gators that come with a 0.33 oz sprayer of SuperCat™ catnip spray, are ideal for this purpose. If your cat has a special toy, it’s worth stocking up on firm favorites. Fortunately, the SuperCat™ plush toys are packed in twos.


A large bottle of SuperCat™ catnip spray is a great feline accessory to spray around your cat’s favorite zones to further encourage them to gravitate here.


Apart from offering cats in a multi-cat households escape zones to avoid spats and bouts of feline aggression, vertical options are great in households where perfect feline harmony exists too, because cats, by their very nature, love to climb up on high and look down on their world.





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