Last Minute Holiday Gifts For Your Four-Legged Friends

12/19/16 at 10:10 AM | Published Under Pet Care by Quaker Pet Group

This holiday season, we’re bringing pet parents so many ways to include their pets in the joy of giving! From high quality pet carriers for traveling with Fido to ultrasonic plush dog toys, there’s a gift for every budget and every breed.

RhinoPlay™ Beast and Beast Jr.

Made from lightweight but VERY durable, environmentally safe foam, this dog ball features a self inflating valve, meaning the ball will never go flat! A portion of all RhinoPlay™ proceeds go to charity. Available on Amazon and independent retailers.

Smartykat™ Mouse Mates™

Packed with pure and potent catnip to spark the fun, this cat toy features feathers that drive cats extra wild! Perfect small gift for stocking stuffers for cat lovers. Available at Target.

TrustyPup™ Sensi Sofa™

Made for Large Dogs, our new Sensi Sofa™ features convuluted foam padding that offers superior support and comfort. The orthopedic design cushions and relieves painful pressure points. Available at Walmart.

Petlinks™ Dizzy Thing™

Great for cats who could use more exercise! This cat toy spins and rolls with erratic starts and stops, replicating the movement of real prey with whirling felt leaves and a fluffy tuft for added fun. Available at Petco, PetSmart, and local independent retailers.

Sherpa® Original Deluxe™

Sherpa’s best selling carrier, the Original Deluxe now comes in four fun and classic colors. Our exclusive Guaranteed on Board program ensures a hassle free travel experience. Available at Amazon and local independent retailers.

Hear Doggy™ Chicken

These “squeaky” dog toys are tuned to a pitch outside the human hearing range, so only your dog can hear the noise! The perfect gift for friends who work from home. Available at Amazon and local independent retailers.

A Happy Holidays from our furry family to yours! We look forward to continuing to make high quality, durable, and fun dog and cat products next year!



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