Revving Up Your Resolutions

01/18/16 at 09:38 AM | Published Under Dog Play by Sandy Robins

In the words from the song Work It by rapper Missy Elliott, “Is it worth it, let me work it,” this sentiment certainly holds true in coming up with worthwhile New Year’s resolutions for our pets and working to maintain them throughout the year.

There’s no question when January comes around we are all trying to get back into routine after a round of holiday partying and over-indulging in treats and food – and that often relates to our pets too. 

Getting back into routine means getting back into our habits of regularly exercising the dog and making sure that all fur kids get enough quality time from their favorite people.

But in the words of another song, the Dean Martin classic Baby Its Cold Outside, it’s important not to let this  “weather report” be an excuse for your pooch not to get enough daily exercise. Most of the country can expect lots of very cold weather in the coming weeks. Instead of cutting back on your dog’s outings and just taking him on quick “potty break” walks, it’s a good idea to increase the number of daily outings to help him keep in good shape.

A great way to combat the cold weather is to take your dog for walks in a pet-friendly indoor mall. It’s a great way to stay warm and window shop at the same time.

So don’t put those cute ugly dog sweaters that you bought for the holidays away just yet. They can serve your pooch well during the cold winter months both indoors and out.

And don’t underestimate on-going indoor games of fetch as a form of excercise. It’s an excellent way to burn calories and work muscles for both dogs and cats. Employ your fur kid’s favorite catnip toy or plush HearDoggie “friend” for such games. With regard to the later, because these toys have ultrasonic squeakers, it won’t be annoying when your pooch rushes after it with enthusiasm and delight. If you live in a double-storeyed home, consider throwing the toys down the stairs to add an extra activity “layer” to the games.

Another great way to rev up indoor fun it to set up a treasure hunt around your home again using your pet’s favorite toys and treats. This allows your fur kids to practice their hunting skills as they go around ferreting out the treats and finding their toys.

If you spoiled your pets with lots of toys over the holidays, put some of them away, as you would do for small children. Then you have stock on hand to replace old and broken ones and also save some for traveling. I keep toys permanently in our Sherpa carriers to ensure that we always have a toy on tap whether it’s a visit to the vet or a travel trip. Pets always appreciate having a comfort toy.

However, the best resolution you can make with regard to your fur kids is to ensure that you spend quality time together every day. It’s been proved that pets are good for our health. So this is a definite win-win.

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