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With summer almost officially over heralded by the first signs of autumn-colored leaves and shorter days, it’s important to note that seasonal changes affect our pets too.


With cooling temperatures, pets are more likely to gravitate indoors. So it’s a really good idea to take a look around your pet’s favorite indoor places and make any necessary seasonal adjustments.  For example, during warm weather, often beds have been moved around and placed near an open window or sliding door to keep things cool. Thus now is the time to literally re-arrange the furniture and ensure beds are not anywhere near a draught.


If you have an outdoor dog or cat, it’s important to remember that they can’t survive outdoors when the temperatures really begin to plummet. It’s an excellent idea to ensure they have outdoor accommodation, whether it’s a large wooden doghouse, access to an outdoor shed or barn. Any doghouse should be   raised off the ground so as not to pick up temperatures from the ground. And stay away from concrete for the same reason.  This is a good time of year to do a maintenance check.


A nice bed such as a goDog® BedZzz™ will make it a nice cozy snooze zone. This bed line  has chew-resistant Chew Guard™ patented technology as well as a durable mesh lining and double stitched seams, all designed to deter naughty nibblers with a taste for cozy plush.


There are also heating pads with chew-resistant chords, which can be placed in a pet bed or on a favorite snooze zone to add additional warmth.  Older pets in particular will appreciate this!


And on the subject of beds, the end of summer is another good time to throw all bedding into the washing machine to get rid of any detritus that has been brought indoors.


The change in temperature at this time of year also brings pet allergies into focus. So if you pet is allergic to dust mites, all the more reason to keep bedding really clean.


It’s important to remember that at this time of year, when the kids go back to school and college, pets experience more alone time after months of summer fun and activities. This often means they sleep more.  New toys are a great way of keeping them actively engaged.


The newest dragons to join the popular goDog collection come in two sizes and great color combos. While you dog won’t care, they will nevertheless blend well with the color scheme of your home too!


The Crazy Tugs family of toys featuring the monkeys and the sasquatches are ideal for multi dog households where the dogs like to play with each other because the Tugs have arms and legs that pull through the body for interactive fun. Because they are also made with Chew Guard Technology™ they will also stand up to tough play!


And remember that pets usually expend more energy in the summer and thus usually burn more calories. Often it’s a good idea to book a wellness check for your pets at the end of summer. Make a point of discussing diet too. Your veterinarian may suggest making a change in food size servings so that you pets don’t pick up weight during the colder weather ahead. But don’t go it alone; it’s a decision that requires professional input.











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