Playtime Tips for Small Dogs

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They may not stand much higher than an ankle, but small dogs often have the biggest hearts. There’s also a lot of energy packed into these small packages. Play is a very important part of raising a small dog. Not only does play help a small dog exert his pent up energy, it helps promote good behavior through by satisfying mental and physical stimulation needs.

Not much different than play with larger dogs, small dogs can participate in activities such as fetch, tug-of-war, water play, and agility…just on a slightly smaller scale. This means shorter sessions and slightly less vigorous play. A smaller dog has shorter legs, which will work harder to move the same distance that a larger dog can move in one step. This can be a nice perk for pet parents, broadening the definition of “play areas” to include parts of the house. In fact, a hallway is a great place to begin teaching a small dog fetch, as the environment is free of distractions like the smell of grass and the sound of cars.

Avoid rough housing. Not only is rough housing an especially risky activity for the more fragile skeletal structure of small dogs, but rough handling can confuse any dog’s perception of human handling. Take care to you’re your dog associate human hands with gentle touch. This will go a long way in strengthening the bond between you and your dog.

Choose an appropriately sized toy for play sessions with a small dog. While its fine to indulge a small dog’s love of gigantic toys for chewing and cuddling, a toy for play should be small enough to fit comfortably into a smaller mouth without the need to overly extend the jaw open. Toys like goDog’s Just for ME dog toys are ideally sized for small dogs to easily grab and grip the colorful plush characters. Available in a variety of fun and brightly colored animal friends, Just for ME is an excellent addition to any small dog’s toy collection, and the perfect accessory for play time with his best friend!

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