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With a happy-go-lucky attitude and a face that sparks smiles and laughs, the spirited, animated Pug shot to high profile status in the 19th century when Queen Victoria developed a passion for these canines that she passed on to other members of the Royal Family.


The breed’s glossy, smooth coat is fawn or black in color, its feet are small, legs are straight and strong, and lower teeth typically protrude further than the uppers to create an underbite. Optimal weight ranges from 13-18 pounds for females and 14-20 pounds for males. Owners have to carefully monitor this, however, since Pugs love to eat and are prone to obesity.


Loyal, loving and affectionate with his family, this small, stocky, square, thickset breed is rambunctious and playful. Pugs require owners who are firm yet calm, since they can be sensitive to voice tone. Without a strong pack leader, Pugs can often become jealous and begin to display guarding behaviors.


Pugs get along well with people of all ages, as well as other dogs and household pets. These canines tend to thrive better in moderate climates since they catch colds easily, and are stressed by weather extremes.


Other health concerns include susceptibility to eye injuries such as Keratitis, scratched corneas, Proptosis and painful Entropion. The Pug’s compact passageways make it prone to breathing issues that can prevent it from efficiently regulating body temperature. They’re also more inclined to develop Demodectic mange (Demodex) than many other breeds.


Pugs tend to prefer a low-key day, and are known for snoozing. Pugs love Quaker Pet Group’s goDog® BedZzz™. Made to stand up to “tough love”, these soft and durable beds feature Chew Guard Technology™ that incorporates a tear-resistant mesh lining and double stitched seams. 


Quaker Pet Group’s fun-loving goDog® brand also includes Pug-approved bright and colorful dog toys like Checkers’ Skinny Brown Roosters, Dragons, and Furballz. Entertainment and exercise can help pudgy pugs keep pounds in check with chew toys like goDog.



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