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05/29/15 at 02:02 PM | Published Under Dog Behavior by Quaker Pet Group

Will your pet be joining you on vacation this summer? Whether traveling by plane, train or automobile, Quaker Pet Group has just the ticket for allowing your pet to join in all the vacation fun.


Fido and Felix can take flight with a luxury ride in the Sherpa-Ultimate-On-Wheels, stylish medium and large pet carriers, making it a breeze to transport your four-legged friends.


Sherpa® was a pioneer in the pet travel industry, designing the first approved pet carrier that strictly adheres to airline standards for in-cabin travel. Constructed of durable and easy-to-clean nylon and mesh, the comfy soft-sided totes mean smooth sailing thanks to recessed wheels for easy-glide motion, and a padded shoulder strap that detaches for conversion into a pull strap.


Truly the “ultimate” in luxury, this pet carrier also features top and side entries, mesh side panels for ventilation, roll-down privacy flaps, zipper side panel for storing toys and treats, locking zippers and machine washable sheepskin liner.


Measuring 20” long x 11.75” wide x 11.5” high, the large Sherpa-On-Wheels accommodates pets weighing up to 22 pounds.


For pets weighing up to 16 pounds, the 18” long x 11” wide x 10.5” high medium carrier takes flight with Sherpa's Guaranteed On Board® program ( Available on U.S. domestic flights, Canadian domestic flights, and flights between the two countries, Guaranteed On Board® brings travel ease by outlining all the necessary pre-travel steps to take for ensuring that your pet and pet carrier are compliant with your specific airline’s rules and regulations.


Should you be denied boarding due to your carrier, Quaker Pet Group will refund the cost of your airline flight and your pet airline travel fee.


For more information on pet travel, visit for the latest in airline pet policies. Whether you’re flying across the country or taking a road trip to visit family, Sherpa helps you make it a family affair!




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