Playing with Big Dogs

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We do have a special place in our hearts for small dogs, as they make easy travel companions. But we’ve got BIG love for giant breeds as well! Despite their size, larger dogs are often very mellow and gentle, and don’t require that owners are also massive in stature.


Have you considered adopting a big breed of your own? It’s important to weigh some factors such as the size of your home, the ages of your children, and your other household pets. These hulks require a few other considerations as well, including feeding options, potential health problems, and exercise requirements. 


Play is an important part of every puppy’s upbringing. Giant breed puppies, as with any dog breed, benefit from play with toys. goDog’s line of plush, durable toys are crafted with soft, yet sturdy material, ideal for chewers. Durable plush dog toys provide an excellent outlet for a puppy’s compulsion to chew, while gentle on sensitive gums and fragile teeth. Just remember that with large breed puppies, it’s best to avoid “rough housing” and excessive exercise for the first six to ten months. Due to the rapid development of the skeletal structure of large breed puppies, it is important to be aware of potential injury by strenuous exercise or play on slippery surfaces like wet ground and tile.


Take it easy with several short walks each day and play moderate games like fetch.


Hip dysplasia and other joint/bone problems are health concerns among larger breeds. To protect your pup's joints and ligaments, avoid jogging or running on hard surfaces like concrete. Also, keep him from jumping from areas of significant height like the bed of a pick-up, or the back of an SUV.


As they mature, larger dog breeds often skew toward the lower end of the activity scale. In fact, an adult Great Dane can be quite content living in an apartment as long as he gets his daily walks and playtime.


To keep playtime lively, goDog™ Shellz™ toys for larger breeds provide hours of “tough” entertainment. With a soft outer skin, Shellz are designed with integrated squeakers that help keep Fido’s attention. These colorful shrimp and clam characters are made to withstand chewing thanks to Chew Guard™ Technology.


Special mesh lining and double stitched seams handle rough play, guaranteed to last longer than an average stuffed toy. When it comes to big breed fun, our goDog™ Shellz™ line delivers the answer in a durable, entertaining way!

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