Planning Your Pet Friendly Summer Getaway

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Did you know that 25-35 Million Americans travel with their pets each year? Hitting the road with Rover has come a long way since the days of toting pets into substandard hotels and being forced to order out for meals.


Whether you’re motoring across the country or flying to a posh beach destination to relax for a week, today’s travelers are privy to a slew of restaurants and resorts where dogs and cats are welcomed like family.


Available to help plan pet-friendly vacations are websites like, which feature destination guides covering the top pet-friendly hotels, beaches, dog parks and restaurants across the U.S.


According to Ark Animals, 29.1 million people took their pets on trips of at least 50 miles from home during the past three years. This includes both flying and driving. It’s no surprise that dogs accounted for nearly 80 percent of all pet travel.


While trendy pet-friendly accommodations are better than ever, offering impressive perks like plush sleeping beds and canisters of treats, you’ll still need to handle the basics before your journey.


See Your Vet – Schedule a check-up to make sure your dog or cat is healthy enough for travel. If you’re flying, airlines often require proof of vaccinations.

Plan Ahead For Emergencies – Research vet offices near your destination.

Gather Essentials – Remember to bring a pet carrier, all tags, vaccination information and photo of your pet in case she gets lost. Pack any meds, favorite toys, treats, bedding, brush, food, bowls, leash and plenty of poop bags.


Book Smart – Check to research your desired airline’s pet carrier policies before booking the flight. Request a room on the first floor or near an exit so you can easily leave to walk your dog.


Whether traveling by plane, train or automobile, the Sherpa-Ultimate-On-Wheels offers a luxury way to transport pets in style. Available in medium and large sizes, these durable, soft-sided pet carriers mean smooth sailing thanks to recessed wheels for easy-glide motion. A padded shoulder strap detaches and converts into a pull strap.


For pets weighing up to 16 pounds, the 18” long x 11” wide x 10.5” high medium carrier takes flight with Sherpa's Guaranteed On Board® – a program outlining necessary pre-travel steps to take for ensuring that your pet and carrier comply with airline rules and regulations. Sherpa goes the extra mile with premium quality products and programs to make your travel a breeze!


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