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1. Name and Nickname (if applicable):  Al Grainer : Algee, Owl


2. Title: Director of Design


3. Pets' name(s), age and breed Pablo/ 10 / Weimaraner & Nelly / 110 / Weimaraner


4. The year you started at QPG: July 5th 2011


5. What you love about working at QPG: Making both pets and pet parents smile


6. Who is your hero and why: Johnny Depp- because he's rad!


7. Favorite activity: Mountain Biking 


8. Favorite Time of day or Favorite Day of the Week and WHY: Anytime of the day or week that I'm Mountain Biking or enjoying the Great Outdoors!


9. Best city you've traveled to: Sagres, Portugal


10: If you could be any kind of pet, what would you be and why: Weimaraners- because they understand English

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