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1. Name: Matt Wurtzel

2. Title: Director of Sales

3. Pets' name(s), age and breed: Riley Martin, 8 year old Black Lab – Abigail “Abby Road”, 4 month old “Yet to be determined” Mixed Breed

4. The year you started at QPG: 2012

5. What you love about working at QPG: QPG is a VERY fluid and dynamic company.  We’re constantly evolving into new areas of innovation and technology within the Pet Industry.  I love working in an environment where EVERY member of the QPG team has a significant impact on shaping the future direction of the company.  

6. Who is your hero and why: The concept of a “Hero” has never existed as one person for me.  In my mind, my hero has always been a blended vision of all of my grandparents.  They all sacrificed so much to ensure a great life for their families.  Some were successful business men, some were teachers and homemakers, and one was a crazy jokester who always taught me that life was to be enjoyed and not to be taken so seriously that you forget to live it.  I feel indebted to them for all that they’ve provided and I try to live my life in a way that honors their legacies. 

7. Favorite activity: Anything involving an ocean, lake, river, or other body of water.  Fishing and Kayaking would top that list.

8. Favorite Time of day or Favorite Day of the Week: Most definitely Sunday 

9. Best city you've traveled to: There’s no place like home BUT I have come to love the Denver area where we have a Sales, Marketing and Product Development office. 

10: If you could be any kind of pet, what would you be and why: I’d be a Lab on a boat in the Long Island Sound.

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