“Spring” Into The Season With Outdoor Games for Dogs

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Even more so than humans, your dog needs ample exercise to stay happy, healthy and away from destructive behavior. Regular exercise will tire your canine out (both physically and mentally) in a positive way. Outdoor games abound where you can share time with your pooch and help both of you stay on the path to healthy living. Here are a few tips so you and your four-legged buddy can take advantage of the great outdoors this spring and summer.


Dogs can make great running partners when you are both in the same condition. Consult your vet before starting, to ensure your pet is in good running shape. For the best results, consider purchasing a hands-free running leash with 360-degree range of motion that you can tie securely around your waist.


Most dogs get great pleasure and fulfillment from playing fetch. This multi-function game provides your dog exercise, forms a habit of him returning to you, teaches obedience and strengthens your bond. Choose his favorite plush dog toy or tennis ball for dogs in excellent physical condition.

Water Hose

A favorite among multi-taskers, water hose games allow you to water your lawn and exhaust your pet’s energy level in a good way. Simply set the nozzle to shoot out a jet that’s easy to identify. This fun chasing game can also end with a bath.

Walking & Hiking

If done in sync, walking is a great exercise for both you and your canine. Be sure to use a leash unless you’re in a safe, fenced-in area. If you’re into hiking, be sure to take plenty of water and treats for your dog. You can even purchase a doggy backpack that attaches so he can haul his own water and food. Know how long your route is and whether there are conditions that might not be favorable to pets.

Other outdoor exercise options include playing in dog parks (update yourself on dog park etiquette), swimming, tug-o-war, ball games, doggy soccer, Frisbee catch and dog agility training.

If the weather is not conducive to a session outside, let him entertain himself with our popular goDog™ Dragon dog toys. These whimsical characters are also are fun for games of tug. In realistic colors, and both extra soft and plush, each dragon features a has a squeaker for even more canine gratification.

Just remember that when it comes to dog play, you need to establish and enforce rules, keep sessions short, take frequent breaks, and provide both hydration and rewards. A dog who’s tired from expending energy is a good and happy dog!

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