Perfecting The "Place" Command

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While some pet parents refer to it as “kennel” or “bed,” the word “place” is really more reflective of a command directing your dog to remain calm in a confined area for a period of time. Although teaching the “place” command is simple, it can be a slow process.

Start by placing a thick towel, dog bed, or folded blanket on the floor next to the couch. Gently lead your dog to it, give him the “place” command and then reward with a treat once all four feet touch the mat. Say “good place” as he consumes the treat. Repeat this at least six times for the next three days.

The next step is giving the “place” command before taking him there. After a few days, your dog should be moving toward the “place” when you give the command – or at least looking in the right general direction.

Now it gets more demanding. Begin asking your dog to lie down each time he gets to the place. Lure him into the position with a treat or use the down command. But only supply the treat when he actually goes to the spot and is lying down. Once he has mastered that, begin to add your release word to let him know that it’s OK to get up. Start with five seconds, working your way up to 30 seconds – all while always rewarding with a treat. The goal is to continue adding time to the length he remains at his place, as well as the distance between you and your dog during his stay. Work up to a 30-minute stay on his “place”. Give him something to occupy his mind, such as a goDog™ toy.

Keep in mind that each new area of the house that “place” is in play constitutes an entirely new exercise. But each time, the process should progress more rapidly. Eventually, anything can be a “place” to stay, whether it’s a bed or a piece of sidewalk.

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