Managing Your Dog's Toy Box

04/20/15 at 06:01 AM | Published Under Dog Toys by Sandy Robins

Let’s face it; dogs just wanna have fun!  And a well-stocked toy box is the answer to perennial games and enjoyment.


Toys play an important role in every dog’s life. Apart from offering both mental and physical stimulation, they encourage good behavior and social skills because a happy, playful dog is a content and well-adjusted one.


A well-stocked toys box should contain three kinds of toys:


Action toys are anything that you can throw or roll that will instantly put your pooch into fetch mode, running to retrieve it and bringing it back to you with barking instructions to do it all over again.


When it comes to action toys, balls and Frisbees rank highly in this category. Many hard rubber toys intertwined with rope or other durable materials that also have a bounce in them will also fit into this section. So do tug toys that encourage interaction between dogs such as the Crazy Tugz monkeys and Sasquatches. Because they have Chew Guard technology, they can withstand lots of canine action.


Distraction toys are usually made from very durable non-toxic rubber materials that can be frozen or stuffed with treats. This category also includes the plethora of puzzle games designed to keep dogs happy and engaged especially when they are home alone.


Comfort Toys are soft cuddly plush animal in fun shapes and colors or “flatties” that have no stuffing but are still contain squeakers – traditional ones that you can hear or, the “silent type”, ultrasonic squeakers that only dogs can hear like the range of Hear Doggy toys that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Firm favorites in this line include the purple pig, the giraffe and the cute black and white cow.


Just like children, dogs often have a favorite toy. And it’s not unusual for a quirky plush toy to meet all three “needs” and thus be an action toy to throw for them to fetch, a distraction  “prey” toy to be shaken around and subdued. And then, when all is said and done, your dog will go off to sleep with his plush buddy, treating it as a snooze companion.


Some other toys that will definitely do “double duty” include the goDog Amphibianz like Mr. Frog, Furry Flatties like the very realistic squirrel and Mopz like Pink Pig and the Checkers Roosters.


If you are planning to leave your dog alone for a couple of hours consider hiding a favorite toy so that your pooch can have fun sniffing it out before playing with it. And leave some treats around the home too to add to the fun of the hunt.


When it comes to the actual toy box, there’s no shortage of fun toy boxes shaped like bones, kennels and even fire hydrants. Buy a box that’s easy to wash out and keep clean. And if it has a lid that latches shut, you will be able to control the fun and games – especially in the very early mornings and in the middle of the night!


Again, just like children, dogs get bored with the same toys. So it’s a good idea to rotate the toys on a weekly basis. Very few toys are totally indestructible, and by changing out toys, you can also check to see that they are in good condition.  And those that need washing can be laundered or rinsed off.


If you dog is particularly fond of a certain toy, buy duplicates and stash them away.









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As the country’s leading multi-media celebrity pet lifestyle expert and  influencer, SANDY ROBINS documents the wonderful relationship that we have with our pets highlighting trends and innovative ideas as they happen.

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