How to Prevent Feline Furniture Scratching

04/14/15 at 01:13 PM | Published Under Cat Behavior by Quaker Pet Group

Your nerves are as shredded as your furniture and drapes. But before considering drastic measures such as declawing your pet, consider that a simple understanding of the behavior can drastically improve the issue.


So why do cat’s scratch?

  • Natural Behavior – Remember that scratching is natural behavior for felines. Cats scratch to mark territory, exercise, and for sheer enjoyment. You can’t prevent it entirely. So instead of aiming to eliminate scratching, try instead to prevent scratching in places you consider undesirable.
  • Positive Reinforcement – As many cat parents can attest, it is nearly impossible to prevent a cat from doing what it wants. So focus on rechanneling a cat’s desires. Punishment may actually worsen the situation since it can destroy security and trust between you and your pet.
  • Provide An Appropriate Scratching Post – Select a scratching post that’s tall enough for your furry friend to fully extend his body. And make sure it’s secure. If it wobbles or topples over, your cat won’t return. Sisal is an ideal material cats can shred to pieces with great satisfaction.
  • Place It Where It Counts – Initially place the post in an area where your cat prefers to scratch.
  • Entice Your Cat To Use It – Feed and play with your feline by the post. Bait him with catnip.


Using the same technology as Scratch N Sniff stickers, Quaker Pet Group’s SuperCat™ products are “printed” with small bubbles of catnip that burst when cats rub, scratch or buff the material. This Play-Activated catnip that constantly releases scent when the bubbles are broken will last approximately six weeks.

SuperCat™ Catnip markers, spray and stickers make ideal tools for enhancing the enjoyment of a scratching post. Mark, spray or stick SuperCat™ directly on an approved scratching area to encourage scratching in these appropriate places.


With the help of SuperCat™, you may be on your way to an improved relationship between you and your mischievous cat!

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