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1. Name and Nickname (if applicable): Bill Sieber

2. Title: VP, National Accounts

3. Pets' name(s), age and breed; We’ve been a Pet “empty nester” since our 15 yr old Golden Retriever, Max passed away 3+ years ago.  We’ve struggled with the decision to add a new 4-legged member to the family.

4. The year you started at QPG: 2011

5. What you love about working at QPG:  Several reasons but two major reasons are; The people at QPG.  Most of us have worked together for 10 years or more at Aspen Pet and/or Petmate.  We have a productive synergy that’s hard to find in most companies.  Secondly, The Pet industry is a fun industry.  We work hard at QPG to build better toys every day.

6. Who is your hero and why:  My father.  He was a part of the greatest generation that help make our lives better.  Whenever I have pause, I think “what would my father do”. 

7. Favorite activity: Traveling with family and/or friends. 

8. Favorite Time of day or Favorite Day of the Week and WHY:  My favorite time of day is mornings.  Mornings always seem to be sunny in Colorado.  The sunshine gives me energy to get out of bed and start moving.

9. Best city you've traveled to: Paris France.  I would love to live there for an extended time after I retire.  I love museums and visiting the French country side.  Their food and wine is merveilleux, too!

10: If you could be any kind of pet, what would you be and why:  I would be a dog.  Specifically, an English Mastiff.  They are protective yet good natured and calm. 

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