Selecting A Dog Crate

12/21/15 at 02:16 PM | Published Under Dog Training by Cristen Underwood

Your dog’s crate is more than simply a place to keep him while you’re away. It’s his sanctuary, as well as his home within your home. Since they can be so expensive, you’ll want to choose a dog crate that’s tough enough to last a lifetime with features to keep your dog comfortable and safe.


Here are four important points to consider when shopping for a dog crate.



Your dog’s crate should be big enough for him to stand up to his full height, turn around, lie down and stretch out comfortably. He should never have to curl up to fit within it. Yet, you don’t want the crate to be so large that your dog can soil one side and then move to the other side to sleep. If buying a puppy crate, choose one that will fit your puppy’s adult proportions. You can put a cardboard box inside to reduce the amount of space and resize the crate with divider panels as he grows



The style of crate depends on your dog’s size and type of coat, climate where you live and whether you plan to fly with your dog.

  • Plastic Dog Crate—If you live in a cool climate and/or have a smaller dog, a plastic crate allows your dog to retain more heat.
  • Wire Dog Crate—If you live in a hot climate and/or your dog has long hair, a wire crate offers ample ventilation to keep your dog cool. Bars on wire crates should be spaced close enough to keep your dog’s head and paws from squeezing through.
  • Portable Dog Crate—Ideal for dogs on the go, a portable dog crate can transport your dog and then be broken down afterwards.



Divider panels allow the crate to grow with your dog and offer the flexibility to fold, collapse or disassemble the crate for storage or travel. Make sure the crate door latches securely to prevent escapes or strangulation.



With so many options available, you should find a quality dog crate that will provide your pet with a comfortable home that lasts a lifetime.

  • Bedding or Crate Pad—This inexpensive item adds an extra level of comfort. Be sure bedding is both durable and washable.
  • Crate Cover—Crate covers make wire dog crates more den-like and give your dog extra privacy. Covers also block outside distractions that might alarm your dog while he’s crated. 
  • Toys and Treats—Especially if you leave him alone for extended periods, you can keep your dog engaged with toys and treats.



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