Breed Spotlight: English Springer Spaniel

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A popular sporting breed that blends beauty and utility, the English Springer Spaniel is a well-proportioned hunter that’s nicely balanced in every physical aspect. They have a proud carriage, strong and muscular legs, and compact body reflecting endurance, power and agility.


The medium-sized Springer features a moderately long coat that feathers on the ears, chest, legs and brisket. Coats are liver or black with white, blue or liver roan, and tricolor.

Weighing between 40-50 pounds and standing 19-20 inches at the shoulder, they’re avid, well-muscled hunters with ample energy, stamina, brains and smooth “rear drive” movement that make them highly respected bird dogs. Yet hunting aside, the English Springer Spaniel would be prized for a loving personality, good looks and enthusiasm.



If you decide to make an English Springer Spaniel a part of your family, you’ll need to maintain regular brushing and trimming to keep the moderately long double coat healthy and free of mats. Teeth should be brushed regularly and ears should be checked frequently to avoid wax and debris buildup that can lead to infections.



English Springer Spaniels are highly trainable people-pleasers that require daily exercise. When lacking positive socialization and training, they may become pushy and obnoxious. Sportsmen appreciate how these well-mannered, handsome housedogs morph into trusty hunting buddies on weekends.


Affectionate and cheerful, Springers are excellent house pets that love their families, are good with children and other household pets, and tend to stick close to their owners. To balance their playful, friendly, obedient nature at home, the sporting breed is steady and hardworking in the field.



With a lifespan of 10-12 years, this medium-sized breed has fewer health issues than many others. Among the most common are elbow and hip dysplasia, and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) that develops between 2-6 years.


Other potential eye diseases linked to English Springer Spaniels include cataracts (at 1-3 years old), eyelid abnormalities (entropion and ectropion), corneal dystrophy and glaucoma.


Because they have long pendulous ears with long hairs inside the canals, Springers are prone to chronic ear infections without proper care. Since skin diseases caused by allergies are another problem, it’s important to feed your Springer food and treats that help avoid this.


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