Why a Carrier is a Must-have Pet Travel Accessory

11/25/15 at 06:12 AM | Published Under Travel with Pets by Sandy Robins

The Thanksgiving weekend heralds the start of one of the busiest travel times of the year as people around the country try to connect in order to spend family time together. And very often such travel plans includes feline and canine family members too.


A carrier is a must-have travel accessory for all pets 20 lbs and under. While many family pets are seasoned travelers and are quite comfortable in their carriers, many may need some gentle persuasion to travel this way.


If you are planning to travel with a cat or a small dog for the first time, it’s a good idea to purchase the carrier well in advance of your trip and leave it lying around the home for your pet to discover for herself.  This way, there will be an air of familiarity when it comes to actually getting ready to travel irrespective of whether you are going by plane or embarking on a road trip.


One of the benefits of traveling by plane using a Sherpa carrier designed to fit under the seat is that the carriers are all part of a special Guaranteed On Board ® Program which guarantees that if you are traveling with such a bag, you will never be prevented from flying because your pet carriers doesn’t meet airline regulations.


Of course different airlines have different requirements and the designated website for the program -- http://www.flygob.com -- details which bags have been given the green light by the various airlines such as United, American Airlines, Delta, Southwest Airlines, Westjet and others that are included in the program.


The GOB initiative outlines all of the steps you will need to take to register your bag before traveling with your pet so you can be sure that your pet and its carrier are compliant with the airline rules and regulations. Should you be denied boarding due to your carrier, The manufacturers of Sherpa products will refund the cost of your airline flight and your pet airline travel fee.


Of course carriers such as the Sherpa Deluxe or the Sherpa on Wheels carrier is ideal for both airline and road travel too. Its always a good idea to line your carrier with a puppy pee pad in case there are travel delays en route and your pet has an unavoidable “accident”. This way both your pet and the carrier will stay clean and dry.


The best way to make your pet’s carrier a home away from home is to take along some favorite toys. Not only with toys keep your pet engaged on the journey but they will also be a welcome distraction when you get to your destination to help your pet to settle down.


Of course its essential to pack your pet’s special plush ‘friend” but if you are going to splurge with something new, it’s a good idea to consider something from the Hear Doggy line of ultrasonic toys that have squeakers that only your dog can hear.  These plush toys give your pet the same sensation and enjoyment of traditional squeaky toys without the irritating noise! So while your dog won’t know the difference, the silence will certainly appreciated when you are visiting friends and family!


Cats on the other hand will also appreciate something with catnip! And because felines don’t adapt as easily to new environments, you may find that if you are spending Thanksgiving Day will family, she may appreciate being sequestered away from the family and incumbent pets for the duration of the get together. And all the more reason for her to feel at home in her carrier, as she may voluntarily want to slip inside to snooze.


It’s never a good idea to feed pets at the table. Instead you can spoil them with a special cat or dog turkey meal so that they can still be a part of this very special family occasion.


Safe travels and happy Thanksgiving.


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