10 Best Dog Halloween Costumes

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It’s that time of year when your dog tolerates you dressing it up in a Halloween costume that earns it ample attention from other humans and extra treats from everyone. If you decide to take your dog trick-or-treating, here are some of the most popular costumes you’ll find at pet stores, seasonal stores or that you can try to create on your own. And for even more Halloween fun, make it match with your costume or your children’s’ Halloween costumes!


  1. Darth Vader­­—Let your pet go to the “Dark Side” in this character jumpsuit with cape, belt and arms, plus plastic headpiece.


  1. Yoda—This Jedi Master pet costume includes a character jumpsuit with plush arms and character headpiece.


  1. Superman—A classic that may even give your dog super powers, this Halloween costume includes a cape and jumpsuit with arms and legs.


  1. Land Shark—Bite into the holiday with this dog Halloween costume that includes a foam-padded body with fins and tail, and foam headpiece.


  1. Minion—Proving that your dog is truly a loyal servant, this pet Halloween costume includes a character headpiece plus a yellow and blue jumpsuit.


  1. Bumble Bee—Your pet will be the buzz of the neighborhood with this dog costume that your can slip over its head and work its front legs through.


  1. Ghostbusters—Who you gonna call? This pet Halloween costume features an inflatable backpack on its character jumpsuit.


  1. Headless Horseman—The harness-style design means that your dog will probably feel more at ease when you dress it in this pet Halloween costume.


  1. Hot Dog—Ideal for smaller dogs, this delicious pet Halloween costume sandwiches your canine between two plump, plush poppy seed buns with a zigzag of mustard along the back.


  1. Stegosaurus—This fierce dog Halloween costume lets furry friends of all sizes get their dinosaur on as a triceratops, raptor or stegosaurus (depending on its size). The prehistoric-themed outfit includes a printed foam headpiece, foam-padded body with spinal plates and spiky tail.




All photos are courtesy of halloweenexpress.com/top-10-pet-costumes.php and natural-holistic-health.com/great-halloween-costumes-for-your-dog.


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