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Putting A Different Howl on Howl’oween

10/11/18 at 04:01 PM | by Sandy Robins

Howl’oween, in dog “language”, translates as treats. And lot of them! However, not every dog enjoys going around the neighborhood trick or treating and having to encounter incumbent pets when their favorite people ring doorbells and stock up on candy. Fortunately, there are lots of other fun ways dogs can celebrate and have great time.

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Homemade Dog Treats for the Holwliday!

12/22/16 at 11:30 AM | by Sandy Robins

Making homemade dog treats for a favorite pooch shows that you’ve added an additional dollop love by creating a special personalized gift.

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Revving Up Your Resolutions

01/18/16 at 09:38 AM | by Sandy Robins

There’s no question when January comes around we are all trying to get back into routine after a round of holiday partying and over-indulging in treats and food – and that often relates to our pets too.

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Should I Take My Dog Trick-Or-Treating?

10/29/15 at 11:55 AM | by Quaker Pet Group

It’s that time of year when the holiday season rolls out from ghosts and goblins to New Year’s fireworks. If you plan on making your dog a part of the festivities, you’ll need to know what’s best for everyone involved.

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10 Best Dog Halloween Costumes

10/16/15 at 12:40 PM | by Quaker Pet Group

It’s that time of year when your dog tolerates you dressing it up in a Halloween costume that earns it ample attention from other humans and extra treats from everyone. If you decide to take your dog trick-or-treating, here are some of the most popular costumes you’ll find at pet stores, seasonal stores or that you can try to create on your own. And for even more Halloween fun, make it match with your costume or your children’s’ Halloween costumes!

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8 Ways to Become a More Confident Pack Leader

09/28/15 at 01:36 PM | by Quaker Pet Group

If you’ve recently adopted a young or adult dog—or if you’re considering adoption—keep in mind that you’ll be spending plenty of time teaching and training your new family member. It’s imperative to establish yourself as the pack leader in the process.

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